Helton Preventative Maintenance Program:

Cincinnati Area Machine Repair Service

The Helton Technical Services Preventative Maintenance Program will ensure the smooth functioning of all your industrial machinery to avoid or even eliminate major equipment breakdown and failure before they disrupt your business and cost you precious production time. The expense of unexpected machinery overhauls and time consuming repairs, in addition to operational shortfall, far outweigh the actual cost of this convenient and efficient Helton Technical service specifically tailored to any Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio industry.

Sign up with Helton Technical Services to schedule regular maintenance, upkeep and repair that includes:

  • Comprehensive equipment and systems tests and assessments
  • Inspection and diagnosis
  • Complete servicing of all parts and equipment as needed
  • Regular machine maintenance : Lubrication, adjustments, etc.
  • Replacement and maintenance for ordinary equipment decline

Cost efficient and practical, the Helton Technical Preventative Maintenance Program provides peace of mind and ensures consistent peak performance of your operating machinery and all systems and apparatus. A small investment in the Maintenance Program provides a significant return against the costs of unforeseen equipment failure that can add to or cause numerous workplace hazards. Regular monitoring of your industrial equipment by qualified Helton Technical Services technicians ensures the efficient management, prompt repair and maintenance to avoid major system failures and breakdowns that often result in substantial and unnecessary expenses. Regular inspections also help to avoid potentially dangerous industrial accidents or environmental violations.

The Helton Technical Services program provides:

  • Improved system reliability
  • Increased productivity levels
  • Better inventory control
  • Overall decrease in replacement and repair costs

Contact Jeff Helton for further information on how to prolong the productivity of your industrial equipment in the Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio region